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whole damask rose essential oil

whole damask rose essential oil binomial name: rosa damascena
the cult of the rose is one of obsession. spanning over a thousand years, it is the most revered fragrance found in nature. because rose petals are not very high in oil content, it takes several thousand pounds of rose petals to produce just one ounce of this high-grade essential oil. the damask rose, or bulgarian rose, originates from damascas, but is grown in bulgaria and turkey where it is used in bathing rituals or imported to grasse, france, as the cornerstone of natural perfumery.

benefit:high in vitamin c and natural antioxidants, soothes and softens the skin, especially beneficial for dull skin. its deep, sweet scent is a powerful aphrodisiac. stimulating properties are a boon for fighting aging and maintaining a soft, dewy and youthful complexion.
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