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indian summer triple-milled vegan hand and body soap

indian summer triple-milled vegan hand and body soap

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set of 3 
3 oz bars

a universally captivating blend of buttery oils to soothe and cleanse the hands and body. notes of leafy lemon verbena, bright grapefruit rind and sweet-mowed hay. feel happy, sun-filled and refreshed.

moisturizing and gently cleansing


history:  considered a highly sacred plant to many north american indigenous tribes, the fragrant sweetgrass leaves are braided into bundles and burned at the beginning of prayer ceremonies to purify the space, invite in positive energies, and float sacred messages to spirits through the ascending smoke curls. sweetgrass blades represent the hair of mother earth and with it, the divine connection of humans and nature.  

beyond shamanistic rituals, sweetgrass is a healing herb, used medicinally in teas and essential oil applications to treat a myriad of ailments, from arthritis to the common cold. it has also been shown to be an effective treatment for reducing swelling. for its aromatic beauty, native tribes have also woven the herb into mattresses and infused it into hair washes. these methods ensured that the sweet fragrance would be a reminder of the natural world and be forever present.

origin: northern eurasia and north america

essential oil blend: sweet grass, lemon verbena, pink grapefruit, green tea leaf, sage, rosemary, waterleaf

process: triple-milled

aromatherapy:  improve immunity, energy, and well being


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