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french lavender softening hair conditioner

french lavender softening hair conditioner

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8 oz.
red flower conditioner is an essential step to daily hair care.
it enhances shine and strengthens the hair, leaving it with lasting moisture. packed with vitamin b5 to prevent breakage, detangle and thicken strands. rich fatty acids from castor seeds and coconut glycerin restore shiny resilience, smooth ends and protect. whole essential oils soothe and balance, leaving hair soft and manageable, delicately scented. active ingredients: coconut oil-vegetable glycerin, olive oil, panthenol pro-vitamin B5, castor seed oil, whole essential oils.

free of dyes, parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives.
gluten free, vegan and cruelty free.

flowers hold life.

packaged in p.e.t. plastic for easy recycling. made in the u.s.a.


pure, blue and alive. a scent of fresh softness and warm leather mixing with the earthy aroma of hot dry soil and a forest of balsam trees coming together to create something clean, perfect and forever. picked the from endless fields of lavender, in the high altitudes and low breezes of provence until it blooms alive and fresh. one of nature's most potent fragrances, it calms the chaos of life, simple and pure. a balancing blend of french lavender and whole essential oils of orange peel, an herbal scent of rosemary and a warming final touch of powerfully strong sharp argentinean peperina mint, a brightness all on its own.

history: the flower has been widely used for its fragrance in baths for over 2,500 years now. the latin word of the flower is lavo, which means to wash. it was quite popular among the romance

origin: france in provence

essential oil blend: lavender, peperina, orange peel, rosemary

process: steam distillation

aromatherapy: has a potent calming effect, and is effective at relaxing the nerves

language: purity, devotion, solitude, protection from ill will


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sensory experience Review by molly
This conditioner deeply nourishes my hair. Great for a leave in conditioning treatment! (Posted on March 30, 2017)
amazing scent and shiny hair! Review by sadie
My hair has been through it all with bleaching, hombres and dying. The fact that I can brush through my hair easily is enough for me. Yet, the french lavender conditioner offers me even more. My hair has a life to it and a shine that I haven't seen since before all of the color damage. The french lavender scent stimulates my scalp and also helps me breathe in easier while I wash my hair. (Posted on October 1, 2015)