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family day

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family day
is everyday

family day is everyday, in small moments as life lunges. bringing pleasure, a willingness, a sense of purpose into the everyday shifts the feeling. grasp the singular wonder that is family by reinvigorating the practice of bathing - cleansing your small child, teaching the skills of self care, lolling in a warm flowery bath, tending the skin, braiding long hair, simply and truly, feeling clean is feeling happy. happy family day.

package includes:

plum blossom silk cream
japanese peony purifying body wash
kinmoxei wild lime silk oil travel size


comes complete with the plum blossom silk cream, japanese peony purifying body wash, and kinmoxei wild lime silk oil, this collection is great for refreshing the entire family.

Additional Information

How to Use draw a bath with warm water
for your child and add several spoonfuls of
japanese peony 100% biodegradable and
biocompatible body wash, flowery fresh but
never drying. lather into soft bubbles and
toss in a sea sponge and some songs.
while skin is still damp, massage toes and
fingers with kinmoxei wild lime silk oil -
smells like the golden sun on a hot white beach -
so replenishing and rich in healing vitamins.
bundle in warm, thick towels and soothe skin with
hydrating plum blossom silk cream.

feels so clean, fresh and delighted.


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