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election day

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election day set

election day is tuesday, november 5, 2013
please vote. .

The history of election day begins in the year 1792, when the Congress of the United States of America allowed individual states to hold elections at almost any time within 34 days before the first week of December. Early lawmakers decided that the month of November was good for two reasons. Because early American society was largely agrarian, that time period was perfect for voting farmers who would have already finished up the harvest.

package includes:
ionizing vita toning flower mist
french lavender petal topped candle


election day set

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How to Use invest the energy in expressing your rights and vote. lighting a candle centers the mind - focus on the flame, experience the robust, living aroma of lavender and mint. restore your state of calm with ionizing vita toning flower mist, to induce a quiet state of mind, spritz over the face, neck and hair and inhale deeply, to tone and cleanse skin, spritz over a cotton pad and swipe over the face and neck. either, or both.


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