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symbolism of design in nature



red flower package design for bath house inspired treatment collections:


red flower’s three globally inspired therapeutic treatment collections are grounded in rich design and cultural heritage.  each line- red flower japan, red flower hammam and red flower nature- has a distinct and iconic graphic that is deeply symbolic yet holds universal qualities.

in keeping with red flower’s core philosophy of “even the most subtle details matter”, the design is also a symbol of the collection’s functionality. each step in the 7 step line has a corresponding symbol, from the first step to the last, building on the design one by one. a succession of symbols defy linguistics by guiding the user through each step, leading to the ultimate goal of red flower’s treatment experience.




we begin with nature.

experience a rush of wellness, drawing life and replenishment from nature. awaken the skin with the bounty of antioxidant rich berries bursting with omega 3’s and 6’s, arctic white peat high in fatty acids and phyto-nutrients, collagen-boosting certified organic mushrooms, and pure plant hydrosols sourced directly from finland’s phyto-power filled summers of sunlight. a fresh, pure preparation of potent organic ingredients creates a toxin-free solution to restore aging skin to optimal health.



photography by signe at designbydesigne.com




symbolism of design in naturefolk


as a young child, I traveled in Finland.  I will never forget arriving in the port of Helsinki to see the sun sparkle on a wooden vending cart with the brightest red mound of glistening strawberries. I knew then that I had arrived at a place where nature is abundant and pure, almost mythical.

the graphic design for the red flower nature collection is composed of powerful motifs of leaves, openness, blue sky, sunlit forest of white birch and leaf green, sauna rocks steaming,  an icy sea plunge, fresh fallen snow, glistening berries, and the expanse of nature, which all hold such deep symbolism in Finnish culture, art, and design. these aesthetic themes create access to the core of loyly*, the spirit of life.



The Land Of The Nightless Night / Lapland - The North Of Finland from Flatlight Creative House on Vimeo.


influenced by nature, the Finnish mysticism that surrounds it, traditional sauna culture and the Kaelvala, red flower nature and its symbol - comprised of small birch leaves and berry plants - are intended to be a path into a more radiant life.


“nature is a myth in Finland,” says Finnish architect Rainer Mahlamäki.  “nature has powerfully inspired Finnish art and architecture.” from the epic oral poem Kalevala to the traditional steam sauna, everything in Finland touches nature. nature has played a significant role in the spiritual and religious views of Finnish people; life is lived in close connection to nature.  “the Finns had a relationship to the land that might never be recreated. for thousands of years they lived in close contact with the earth. their art was inspired by nature; their lives were lived in accordance with nature. between people and nature there was no clear distinction, for each was part of the other, and all parts were sacred. what was heard were some of life’s most basic lessons: all motions are circular; no action is free of consequence; all life begins from the ground beneath their feet; and for human beings, solace comes from alignment with natural forces, not from the attempt to conquer, overcome, or bend those forces to one’s will.” the Mysticism of Sámi Art, Curfs



*löyly etymology Proto-Finno-Ugric *lewl (“spirit, soul”) as Estonian leil and Hungarian lélek (“soul, ghost”).[1] the steam and the associated heat in a sauna, generated by administering water on the hot stones placed on top of a sauna stove (kiuas).