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beautifully complex: intensely nourishing


written by: red flower team

when creating a list of your very favorite beauty products, what items come to mind? what are the requirements for a product to make the list?

in the recently published Fall issue of New Beauty magazine, editor-in-chief Emily Dougherty had the grueling task of choosing her “Holy Grail” beauty items, and our very own arctic berry cloud milk cream made her list! Emily has been covering the beauty and wellness space for over two decades, testing thousands of products and interviewing hundreds of experts each year to bring the best of the best to her readers, and we are so very honored she loves our cloud cream as much as we do. in the New Beauty, Holy Grail article, the cream is described as: 

“beautifully complex: intensely nourishing and 100-percent natural, yet multitasking and magically scented”

we agree! and are extremely grateful for these kind words.

divinely light in texture, the cloud cream is hand whipped through a delicate heat process right here in greater New York. a nutrient rich cream which replaces the natural loss of collagen and elastin and regenerates cells to leave skin replenished and supple. concentrated and potent to provide fortifying moisture and protection to the delicate skin cells around the eyes, the face and body. It is the O.G. of cloudberry based beauty, making its debut in 2008, which was 7 years before the superpower ingredient and cloud cream concept hit the trend in the US. the cloudberry is a uniquely high concentration of Vitamin C, vital fatty aids, linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid that work to improve moisture retention, skin tone and reduce age spots and inflammation. 

Yael Alkalay, red flower founder and ceo says “its light cooling texture does feel like whipped clouds, but the “cloud” part of the name primarily comes from the way it helps retain hydration in the skin, like a cloud holds vapor. we were able to accomplish this with a natural formula featuring cloudberries, and the name was born”.

when visiting destination wellness centers, such as Miraval Resorts Life In Balance Spa, you have the opportunity to experience this moisturizing miracle worker in treatment. when asked how products are chosen to be used in services at this highly selective resort, Simon Marxer, Director of Spa and Wellbeing at Miraval Group says 

Our guests expect our treatments and the products used at Miraval to be therapeutic, luxurious, and mindful. The Arctic Berry Cloud Milk cream is all of those elements and more, and is a long-time favorite of our therapists.

Miraval Arizona has been a leader in the destination wellness resort space since its inception in 1995 with one clear vision: life is more meaningful and joyful when in balance. an all inclusive destination resort and spa designed for living life in the moment, Miraval offers creative programs, unique spa treatments, nourishing cuisine and top wellness specialists to help guests build their own sense of balance.

Kimberly Kelder, lead licensed esthetician and Ella Davidson, lead licensed massage therapist at Miraval Arizona, are true healers and fully understand the importance of self-care. They were generous enough to share their expertise in the development of signature Miraval Nurture facial and body treatments, featuring the Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream. We all view self-care differently, which is part of what makes it so wonderful, it is so specific to the individual. Ella sees self-care as...

a clean inside and out! I think very critically about what I put inside my body, on top of my skin and in my surroundings.” 

this is just one of the reasons she loves using the red flower cloud cream on herself and her guests.

Jeannie Jarnot, clean beauty expert and Beauty Heroes founder has incredibly high standards for her pioneering clean beauty subscription service, only offering products that meet their ingredient standard test, which they know will be good for you, completely effective and naturally luxurious. they work with select companies that care about ethical sourcing, a healthy life and planet. Beauty Heroes recently opened a new flagship boutique in Novato, CA, which is featuring the Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream and other red flower favorites - we are so excited to be in store alongside other inspiring hero brands, helping to slow down beauty discovery with a conscious and sustainable approach.

Beauty Heroes named our Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream as one of their very first Hero products - which is a top selling, highly effective product that consumers keep coming back for. Jeannie considers it the ultimate nourisher,

“it nourishes every part of the body – from face to bust to toes – making it a true Hero Product in my eyes. I use it on my husband’s dry hands, on my son after baths and keep a jar by my desk to reapply to my hands throughout the day.” 

the entire red flower nature collection is inspired by the Finnish bathhouse, crafted with powerful ingredients like arctic berries, certified organic reishi, maitake and chaga mushrooms, arctic white peat and sea plants. it is a beautifully restorative collection packed with sustainably sourced botanicals, restoring skin to its radiant self. a full ritual designed to replenish skin health from tip to toe. bring the collection into your sanctuary for an at home practice of self-care and renewal.

see what our customers have to say!

"Red Flower Arctic Berry Cloud Cream is amazing. I love starting and ending my day with something so pure and natural. The light and creamy texture makes my face feel smooth and hydrated. I feel like I am taking such good care of myself when I am using cloud cream." Liz S.

“I have been a massage therapist for 20 years. I have never found a cream that has helped my skin as much the Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream. I saw immediate results with the hydration and the cream is not too heavy for my Florida environment. I absolutely love this product and will continue to use it. The ingredients are amazing with the Arctic Berry really standing out.” - Cindee