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indian jasmine petal topped candle


by the red flower STAFF


    jasmine's seductive play on the senses has been immortalized for centuries. elusive by nature, this ethereal flower only unveils its true form in the moonlit hours of night and the early glimpses of dawn. speaking its own nocturnal language, the fragrant blossom unfolds, beckoning the nightly pollinators and filling the air with its sweet, musky and profound perfume.

indian jasmine petal topped candle


"red flower’s candles inspire cultish devotion. perfect for creating a home altar or tossing one in your weekender for mediation practice on the road."


-- well and good nyc



just as the climbing vine stretches across a garden wall, so has jasmine spread its roots, gracing every garden around the world. to find the most fragrant of the species, red flower went straight to the source -- in india, where these divine blossoms are cultivated with meticulous care to maintain its purest form.


the origin of jasmine is derived from the arabic and persian name, yasmin, which means "gift from god." these symbolic flowers have been at the core of religious worship in india since ancient times where garlands were placed on deities as an offering. the hindu term for these offerings "puja" literally means "the flower act." every market in india is not without their garland makers, where merchants sit by mounds of fresh jasmine blossoms to weave hundreds of garlands daily for temple worship, wedding decorations and hair adornments. india is a country besotted with flowers, with many fragrant traditions. jasmine appears in many forms: from love poems, to regional dishes and in symbolic decorations representing nature's blessings.

"the words of a good poet
even before one proves their excellence
pour sweetness in the ear
a jasmine garland attracts the eye
before one knows its scent."


-- subandhu, poet, 1718



no less than 42 varieties of jasmine are cultivated in india, with jasmine sambac and jasmine grandiflorum being the most deeply scented and therefore chosen as the primary blend for this diffusive candle. even though the two plants belong to the same genus they each possess distinct aromatic characteristics defined by their blooming hour. opening by night, sambac is responsible for the musky, sultry and almost animalistic side of jasmine, with a higher percentage of indoles (an aromatic chemical) that carries with it a heavy sweetness and narcotic scent. while jasmine sambac seduces by night, jasmine grandiflorum breathes at daybreak, with a soft and ethereal scent, somewhat reminiscent of an aromatic tea.

jasmine not only places an important part in indian culture but it also sustains the economy. to fully appreciate this rare import, one must first understand the immense amount of human labor required to bring such delicate flowers to market.

the process of gathering these jasmine buds originates from the mountainous farms along the nilgiri hills in the tamil nadu region of india, where villagers meticulously pinch the flowers' tips to stimulate growth. once bloomed, farmers comb the shrubs at dawn now mature and closed, to store the aromatic scent and harvest each blossom by hand so as not to bruise the flower when plucking it. it requires a painstakingly collected 40 lbs. of petals to produce just one ounce of this divine essence.

on a deeper level, jasmine possesses the ability to sedate the senses. in aromatherapy, the essential oil works as an antidepressant and is also considered a powerful aphrodisiac. in addition to the jasmine blend, oils of tangerine, neroli, and ylang ylang also add to the complexity and richness of the candle scent. upon first light, the scent of white flowers is subtle and gentle, then slowly gives way to the full force of jasmine, sweet citrus and heady ylang ylang for a truly transformative experience.

containing a blend of unadulterated pure flower fragrance, the red flower indian jasmine candle ensures a sublimely strong and diffusive scent that puts the mind and body at ease. containing a 15% oil content higher than standard candles, and pure cotton wick, the candle will burn for 45-50 hours -- filling any space with the scent of freshly picked flowers. use as an aid in personal meditation, or to transform an evening gathering with a fragrant mood.

create a personal sanctuary by scattering the accompanying jasmine petals in a bath or small bowl. and pair the indian jasmine with an italian blood orange candle, as an offering of hospitality and welcoming space.


"one of my favorite fragrances is Indian Jasmine, an intense rather heady scent rich in jasmine sambac, neroli, ylang-ylang, tangerine and indian jasmine. it's a fragrance for the evening, one for romantic moonlit nights."


-- gail cooke, beauty bar