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hinoki mint mineral bath soak


by the red flower STAFF


    succumb to the mineral-rich healing waters of a restorative bath soak. create a space of pure pleasure as the body restores itself through a vital blend of rich sea minerals and the uplifting aromatic oils of hinoki cypress, pine, mint and owyhee sage -- conjuring the scent memory of a wet, mossy forest.

hinoki mint mineral bath soak


"a japanese-style artisanal soak, laced with hinoki and cedar woods, grapefruit and other aromatics intent on turning bathing into ambient therapy."

-- new york times magazine

as a daily ritual or as a curative escape, a warming bath offers spiritual and physical release. instilled with the vitality of nature, a deep soak soothes as it stimulates blood circulation and decongests the lymphatic system. this extensive system delivers vitamins and essential nutrients throughout the body through the flow of lymph -- a fluid containing white blood cells that circulates throughout the system. it also aids the immune system by removing waste, pathogens and toxins to defend the body against infection. as the body temperature rises, it releases toxins through perspiration, and increases blood flow to the muscles and joints -- reducing soreness and inflammation. as these impurities are released, the skin replaces them with the enriching nutrients of sodium, calcium, zinc, magnesium and potassium found in a salt water blend of epsom and unrefined sea salt. salt water is a natural antihistamine, which helps to clear the respiratory system, and provide relief from cold symptoms.

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enriched with health-enhancing minerals, this sea salt comes from the noto peninsula in ishikawa prefecture in japan. coastal production of the sea salt dates back to the 5th century, and continues today using traditional methods that don't upset the local ecosystem. the salt is neither washed nor refined, enabling it to retain its nutrients essential to the human body. these trace elements are vital to bodily functions. more than half of all americans have a magnesium deficiency, which helps to regulate internal functions and produces a calming effect on the body. magnesium eases the nerves and reduces blood pressure while maintaining serotonin levels to replenish the spirit. this curative soak further works to boost the immune system, ease fatigue and offer real benefits to tackling seasonal illness and an aching body.Super-Sento - Illustration for the French Bulldog Bath Society of Japan (F.B.B.S.J)
by Aaron Meshon. © 1995-2013 All Rights Reserved.


drawing inspiration from the japanese bathing tradition, the hinoki mint mineral bath soak seeks to deliver the experience of bathing in the nutrient-rich mineral hot springs or "onsen" baths of japan. meditatively inhale the essence of hinoki wood oil, a sacred cypress tree out of which the baths are carved. highly valued by the japanese, hinoki trees or "true-wood" have been protected since the times of the feudal lords. used to build palaces, temples and shrines, it's treasured for its strength of character and the exquisite citrus-woody scent that suffuses the steam-filled air of the bathhouses of japan. while hinoki wood's resilience is beneficial as a building material, the oils it infuses into the waters also enhances the skin -- healing minor irritations with its antiseptic properties and further relieving swelling throughout the body. every region of japan has its share of onsens -- each with their own therapeutic properties. the region with the highest concentration on onsens is the ishikawa prefecture. tucked away in the mountain villages of ishikawa, these healing waters have been sought out for thousands of years.

breathe in the incredible scent of the soak-- a layered blend of pink grapefruit, bergamot, geranium, blue tansy, lemon, and may chang essential oils. distilled with cedar, pine and mint -- this essential oil blend also works as a decongestant, to relieve deep tension in body and as an antiseptic -- healing dry, irritated skin. this essence of forest freshness acts as a natural stress reliever and restores much needed energy to the body and spirit.READ the article on essential oils CLICK HERE

"the aromatic blend of hinoki wood, mint oil, chlorophyll and minerals actually both soothes and relaxes. no matter what your body is weary from."

-- nylon magazine

to further draw out impurities and cleanse the skin, the purifying and therapeutic effects of chlorophyll extract is strengthened with copper to enhance this energizing soak. chlorophyll is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in plants that soothes dry skin and stimulates cellular regeneration. a potent phytonutrient, it is readily absorbed into the skin, binding to toxins to rid them from the body and increasing oxygen flow to the skin. combined with anti-inflammatory benefits, chlorophyll acts to deodorize the body and accelerate the healing of skin irritations. when fortified with copper, chlorophyll transforms the bath water into a verdant green that leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft without any residue on the body or bathtub. an essential mineral for skin health, copper has been used for centuries to heal skin for its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. japanese bathers will seek out the copper-rich waters or "cupriferous" onsens to treat aching muscles and anemia, as copper is required for absorbing iron. internally, copper is vital to a healthy immune system. it stimulates the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body -- eliminating impurities and helping the body to create energy while it invigorates from within. proponents of copper bracelets feel the immune and energy stimulating effects of copper, as the body absorbs trace elements into the bloodstream. copper is also the preferred material for acupuncture needles, as it stimulates energy flow through acupuncture points to align meridian pathways. these "meridians" or energy channels in the body are connected to each internal organ and responsible for regulating their functions. as a powerful collagen and elastin-building mineral, copper works deeply to fortify the skin -- leaving it calmed, softened and refreshed through this reviving cold-season escape.
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