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I went for a walk last week in Central Park with my friend Kathy. It was the first signs of an almost spring Friday. Among other things we got to talking about body oil. I had gifted her a  favorite Jasmine Flowers Hold Life Oil and asked her how she liked using it, since I saw her as more of a cream rather than body oil type I was especially curious.

She kept talking about the texture, wondering what made it feel so rich and how much she loved that it quickly blended in and left her skin feeling soft. I explained that the ingredients are packed with omega fatty acids and restorative vitamins - natural and organic fruit, flower and nut oils combined to maximize feel and delivery. She raved about her legs looking smooth enough for spring skirts and her neck, finally un-scarfed looking firm. Then she got onto the scent, Jasmine she said, “put her into an exotic night garden trance”. She planned to add Ocean her night time bath, Blood Orange to her post-tennis regime and to keep Peony at her desk for little at-work hand massage pick me ups. An oil convert in the making.

“GLOW OIL”? Try it while your skin is still warm and damp from the shower, it allows for a truly baby soft, spaesque toweling  - a sort of extravagant yet efficient all-in-one dry scrub and moisture experience.

Follow with a few more drops to massage from the tips of toes, in circular upward motions toward the heart, this boosts the positive effects of circulation and firmness.

This weekend take an “OIL BATH” Why add a few drops of oil to the bath? Adding about twenty drops to bath water helps deliver all the moisture and replenishment possible to a softening soak. A Flowers Hold Life Oil Bath helps reduce stress, increase blood circulation, remove dead skin cells and limit damage from environmental oxidants. An “OIL BATH” also lifts away muscle pain as oils penetrate into the body surface. The healing properties soothe, help heal and deeply relax. My recommendation - Ocean Flowers Hold Life Aromatherapeutic Body Oil, filled with essential oils of eucalyptus, copaiba, cardamom and laurel leaf are a stimulating, opening and refreshing. Follow with an all-over oil massage of sweeping upward motions from the feet to the scalp.

“AROMATIC OIL”, Each Flowers Hold Life oil offers a unique aromatherapeutic effect from a Jasmine flower sensuality to stimulating Blood Orange citrus mood boost.  Another insider tip - warm the oil by placing the whole bottle in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes, nothing feels more relaxing than warm oil over the skin.

Flowers Hold Life Aromatic Body Oil is a signature blend developed with the top massage and bodywork therapists for its texture, penetration, nutrients, aromatherapeutic and potent healing benefits. Pure and rich avocado oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil pack skin replenishing power. Avocado is known for its collagen promoting, oxidant and inflammation reducing and high moisture content. Rich in Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Vitamin D, Protein and Lecithin to help reduce scarring, firm skin and rehydrate dry, winter skin for a soothing, soft start to Spring.