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Johnson Printing and Packaging

printing and packaging

st. paul, minnesota

by the red flower STAFF


    from the humble beginnings of a small factory in 1921 in st. paul minnesota, johnson printing company held to the belief that the outside matters just as much as the inside. with that principle in mind, they managed to grow a packaging business that emphasized sustainable ethics alongside a high aesthetic standard. it takes a lot more than luck to keep a business going for 91 years, and their hard-earned efforts paid off.

this family-grown operation soon outgrew its space and eventually settled in the thriving heart of downtown minneapolis. larger space brought larger ambition, and their local business expanded into packaging, officially becoming johnson printing and packaging in 1982. as they gained experience, johnson embraced their environmental mission with zest.

“we choose to be proactive about environmental protection. it benefits our customers, our employees and our world.”

-- tim cattryssee

operations manager
johnson printing and packaging


red flower is always looking for the most environmentally sound solution. as part of red flower’s constant search for sustainable packaging, we discovered johnson printing and packaging. at the forefront of wind-powered manufacturing, johnson printing and packaging has been using one hundred percent renewable wind energy since 2006 and are leaders in sustainable packaging. investing in companies that are making better choices has always been a priority for red flower, so in 2007 after careful consideration and planning, red flower made a great investment to redesign its packaging and the environmental results paid off.

working with tim cattryssee, operations manager at johnson printing and packaging, red flower was able to dramatically reduce the amount of paper and packaging materials used, making the design more functional and reducing our impact on the environment. red flower now only uses one hundred percent recycled and biocompostible paper and soy based ink. johnson printing and packaging is the largest commercial business in minnesota to derive energy entirely from green power. power that has always been there, waiting to be harnessed. running their 130,000 square foot facility, the environmental impact of this conversion is equivalent to planting over 123 acres of trees.

their milestones are many, including becoming fsc certified by (forest stewardship council) standards. by practicing safe forestry and eliminating all of their greenhouse gas emissions, they’re invested in reducing the causes of global warming. created in a green building, with little waste and recycled energy, every facet of their production process contributes to their green initiative. johnson printing and packaging continues to set an example that environmental concerns and business can co-exist and be successful, and red flower values its affiliation with these leaders in sustainability.