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Marie-Ève Dompierre

“Les assiettes façonnées pour red flower sont patiemment tournées à la main, chacune d'entre elles est donc unique. Les couleurs ont été finement sélectionnées pour s'agencer harmonieusement aux couleurs et fragrances des chandelles.”
-Marie-Ève Dompierre

Marie-Ève Dompierre is a
Montreal based multidisciplinary artist with a passion for the visual arts. She began her artistic journey in photography, and since 2010 has integrated clay into her work. She studied photography in Gaspésie, a remote part of Eastern Québec cradled by the ebbing waves of the Saint-Laurence Riverand the gusting winds of the Matapédian plains. The main theme of her photographic work is man’s experience of emotions.

Marie-Ève’s infatuation with clay began after a visit to a friend’s ceramics studio in downtown Montreal. The dense walls tiled with vibrant test colors piqued her interest, but the real affair began when she first ran her fingers through the moist clay. Clay is a very fickle medium; it requires a great deal of attention and patience to foster a relationship with it. In every Céramique Dompierre piece there is careful attention paid to the human experience - its lines, shapes and colors are carefully studied and meticulously crafted.


In designing custom candle plates, Marie-Ève considered and incorporated the distinct subtleties of each unique red flower scent; the delicacy of french lavender, the vibrancy of italian blood orange, the depth of moroccan rose. Céramique Dompierre candle plates are the canvas for the deeply personal ritual that is lighting a red flower petal topped candle.


find out more out: marieevedompierre.com