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GI James


by yael


red flower was so touched to receive this letter, and felt that today, as we remember the contribution and sacrifices of others, I should share this one soldier's inspiring words.


    ”To whomever reads this please make sure it makes it to the relevant people. I am the worlds worst 'thanker' but I need to take a moment to thank you. The first time I used red flower was in Afghanistan summer 2011. I was flew to Kabul to pick up some supplies and ran out of shampoo. I found a little bottle of "red flower moon flower" shampoo in a communal bathroom. It looked like a hotel shampoo bottle, left behind by someone, and I unscrupulously used it. I don't think I have ever given a thought to shampoo in my life but.. For a moment I was transported from that dusty grim desert of war to a civilized place. I looked you up and placed an order a few days later. In that order I received a little something 'extra'. I don't know if it was intentional or not but it meant something to me. Silly I know but those small things, something civilized in a savage place really make an impact. I am a devotee since then as is my wife. I have spent twenty months there in the past three years and finally am getting around to say thank you.

- Sincerest Thanks, James”


without you we are nothing. with you we can do anything. peace.