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baron von fancy

The Prospect NY, in collaboration with classic sign artist Baron Von Fancy, has captured the essence of art for everyone,” says Red Flower Founder and CEO Yael Alkalay.


Gordon Stevenson

aka Baron Von Fancy
a multimedia artist, who lives and works in NYC.
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The Prospect NY, in collaboration with classic sign artist Baron Von Fancy, has captured the essence of art for everyone,” says Red Flower Founder and CEO Yael Alkalay. “When the founders approached me to participate in their collaboration on a series of collectibles, I knew a fascinating process was at hand. Making a candle together, defining Gordon Stevenson’s work through scent, has to be one of the best moments in my Red Flower product development experience. After drawing out the right direction, we went to work pulling out what words should burn like. What A Smoke Show is the first of two scents developed for Gordon and Laura Currie at The Prospect NY. To me there is nothing better than the smell of great art.”

-yael alkalay, ceo and founder of red flower

About Gordon Stevenson (Baron Von Fancy):

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Baron Von Fancy was born in New York City and attended Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. He earned his Bachelor in Fine Arts from Bard College in 2006.

Gordon Stevenson identifies himself by his birth name for his artwork displayed in galleries, and he uses the artistic name “Baron Von Fancy” to sign his work used for commercial products. For example, his lighters are signed Baron Von Fancy, whereas his paintings are signed with his birth name.




Baron Von Fancy works in various media in addition to canvas. He has applied his distinctive artistic sensibility to create a broad range of tangible, practical items such as sponges, doormats, socks, lighters, bow ties handbags, and shirts. Clever and enchanting at the same time, Baron Von Fancy’s work spans the spectrum from light-hearted to profound.

Baron Von Fancy has collaborated with the leading fashion, apparel and sportswear brands. Among the brands that he has worked with are: Gitman Vintage, Smith Optics, Emi jay, Rag & Bone,Reece Hudson, Reformation and Uber. He is known for his originality and talent in matching an object with a humorous and memorable phrase. Larger retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Elizabeth Arden, Inc., Juicy Couture, Porsche Design Group, and Patagonia have collaborated with him on distinctive collections and projects. Paperless Post launched a

collaboration with Baron on Valentine’s Day 2014, featuring his greeting cards, invitations and Valentine’s Day cards.

Colette invited Baron Von Fancy to create “A Thing Called Love,” a show that opened in February 2013 in Paris and featured a range of artwork including murals with some of his signature phrases.


Since 2006, his work has been displayed around the world with exhibitions in California, New York, Florida, at Ochi Gallery in Idaho, as well as in Rhode Island, Iowa, and France. In Spring 2014, The Tripoli Gallery presented an exhibition of his original paintings entitled “I Remember It Differently.” The show featured paintings of well known cartoons such as Archie and Disney classics. In the Summer of 2013, his “I Can’t Grow Up” mural was displayed on a billboard on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side.

In October 2013, for its 125th anniversary celebration, Katz’s Delicatessen invited Baron to contribute a work to their new gallery housed next to the deli. The result, a ten-foot high mural of “I’ll Have What She’s Having,” referenced When Harry Met Sally’s legendary fake-orgasm scene that had been shot at the deli.




Baron Von Fancy has created sculpture using electroluminescent wire, a fresh medium ideal for explorations of the effects of color. His fascination withcolor interaction has also been manifested through a number of “water projects,” in which he and his collaborators add multicolored dyes to fountains, rivers, etc. for public display.

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