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Zeel x Chambers x red flower

no vacation from your vacation needed here. red flower™ therapeutic massages by Zeel® provide on-demand wellness at Chambers Hotel to help you experience new york feeling rejuvenated, healthy and ready to tackle all the city has to offer. head home relaxed and rested. new york is fast-paced and at times overstimulating...let us help tap into its vitality and get you into full new york city potential.

de-plane - red flower wanderlust
grounding effect for jet lag relief

goodbye jet lag; hello new york! relieve the stress of travel and channel your inner wanderlust with this red flower jet lag massage. vitalizing massage to get into sore muscles, relieve stress and get grounded from any time zone. red flower wanderlust aromatic oil is a blend of sun flowers, wood resin, wild grasses and warm herbs inspired by new york city. pump up blood flow, circulation and energy. Only at Chambers Hotel. 60 minutes

breathe well - red flower ocean
immune boosting for optimal health

inhale one, exhale two. this powerful aromatherapy massage featuring the signature red flower scent at Chambers to promote respiration and immune health. red flower ocean uplifts and delivers immediate improvement in the body’s wellbeing. therapeutic deep tissue massage and signature essential oil blend of eucalyptus, laurel leaf and clove clarify and balance the whole being. Only at Chambers Hotel. 60/90 minutes

goodnight in the city - red flower moonflower
promotes dreamy state for restful sleep

lullaby in flowers. find rest and catch some zzz’s in the city that never sleeps. this red flower moon massage inspires restful sleep and transports the mind. essential oils of rose absolute, sandalwood, clove bud, palmarosa, lavender and armoise treat insomnia and induce euphoria. sweet dreams. 90 minutes