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adventures in spa

Adventures in Spa
Red Flower On-Demand Spa
Powered by Zeel at The Hampton Maid

by red flower trainer, erin

Your favorite TV shows and take out dinners are on-demand, so why not your massage? Join Erin as she finds out how your own personal spa can come to you.

As the first few blazing days of New York City summer begin to roll in, it takes no time at all to begin plotting my escape. I have zero interest in braving the throngs at LaGuardia or JFK, but still yearn for a seaside breeze and an opportunity to unplug.

Enter the Hampton Maid: a perfectly cozy and beautiful resort nestled in Southampton, Long Island. The resort’s location gifts you a relaxing retreat while offering the entirety of the Hamptons at your fingertips. Each guest room is unique, and my room contained all the amenities I could need for a weekend away. Despite the outstanding in-room accommodations, roughly 85% of my weekend was spent taking in the plush green grass, chirping birds, and frolicking rabbits while planted on the glorious outdoor porch in a wooden rocking chair. There may have also been wine.

The magnificent accommodations, famously divine breakfast, and red flower ocean in-room amenities make the Hampton Maid an ideal New York summer treat. What will truly propel you into the relaxation station, however, is the resort’s newest offering: an on-demand red flower ocean massage, powered by Zeel.

“What on Earth,” you may ask, “does that even mean?”

Allow me.

The Hampton Maid has partnered with red flower and Zeel, a company that provides same-day, on-demand massages by licensed and vetted massage therapists. You may be enjoying your red flower ocean charcoal skin cleansing bar in your room, or sitting on your Hampton Maid front porch rocking chair (with or without wine) wishing that you could achieve a full and total relaxation. All you need to do, quite literally, is call the front desk and pick a time. The Hampton Maid team will book you a red flower ocean aromatherapy massage in as little time as an hour or two.

I, like you, decided that I wanted, needed, and deserved a little extra R&R. After sleeping in a bit and finishing my delectable breakfast (YOU. MUST. HAVE. THE. BREAKFAST.) on a Saturday at 11am, I stopped by the front desk and scheduled my massage for a sensible 1:30pm.

There are two options for massage location on property: in your guest room, or in the cabana by the Hampton Maid pool. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, and so I decided to spring for an outdoor massage. I arrived to the cabana about 5 minutes before my service and was met by my massage therapist, Marnie. A beautiful massage table had been set, and the cabana already was full of the refreshing eucalyptus and clove notes of the flickering red flower ocean candle.

Upon my arrival, Marnie welcomed me to the service and shared with me some of the benefits of the service I was about to receive. It was to be a 50 minute massage using red flower ocean aromatherapeutic massage oil, featuring a blend of healing sweet almond, avocado and organic safflower oils, and a soothing and sealing application of red flower moisturizing body lotion. Marnie asked me if I had any allergies, injuries, or specific requests for the treatment, and she left me to get undressed and ready for the treatment.

I know what you’re thinking. “A cabana. By a pool. With other humans. Close by?!” Despite the proximity of the cabana, I felt complete privacy. The covering of the cabana zips from the ceiling to the ground, ensuring that I wouldn’t receive any unwelcome visitors. As soon as I was ready, Marnie checked in before she entered, and then began the most soothing 50 minutes of Summer 2017 to date.

Marnie was so very attentive to all my city-worn muscles, and worked with the uplifting ocean aromatherapeutic body oil to unravel the seemingly thousands of knots I had accumulated. Once Marnie had finished massaging a specific area of my body, she doubled back and applied ocean moisturizing body lotion to seal in the moisture of the oil. The tingly cooling effect of the lotion’s aloe leaf juice and eucalyptus essential oils on my skin was, in a word, sublime. This soothing cadence of massage and lotion application continued for 50 blissful minutes. There was a family splashing around and enjoying themselves by the pool during my treatment, but it did not phase me in the least. I was in my bliss, and there was no one to stop me!

After the treatment concluded, Marnie allowed me to get dressed and then gifted me an ocean little flower candle of my own. I couldn’t wait to take it home, strike a match, and relive the most glorious experience.

After this weekend’s experience at the Hampton Maid, the remainder of Summer 2017 has a lot to live up to.

Visit to book your summer escape.

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