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According to Heather Muir Maffei, beauty director at Real Simple bath salt sales are through the roof and plumbing contractors have been installing more bathtubs than ever. She encourages you to “press pause” and slip into your own bath sanctuary. Red Flower has been elevating the bath experience since our inception so when we read her words,  “Finding time to take a bath is, one, a total luxury and, two, something we totally encourage you to do” we delve deeper into the water so to speak.

The “Earthy Boho”  bath Heather envisioned includes a suggestion for music, a good read and a candle to create a “happy place to chill out, mediate and swirl around” a Red Flower Cherry Blossom Rice Buff. She describes the Red Flower Cherry Blossom Rice buff as, “ a neater alternative to a scrub, this mesh bag contains exfoliating rice bran. Massage it into the skin and rinse.”

Lovely that it also is equally sensorial and beneficial in the shower, so choose your water source and discover the wonders of rice bran and the komenuka tradition.

I love how this Red Flower customer, Trish S. described her experience showering with the Cherry Blossom Rice Buff, “The physical motion of applying the rice buff is as calming and meditative as the product itself. Together, the scent and the process ground the mind to the body. I keep this in my shower between uses to have the beautiful smell of wild cherry in the air always.”

I am sure there are things that can’t be cured by a good bath but I can’t think of one.

~ Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Rice bran “komenuka”  is a treasured humectant used for its high vitamin E content, hydrating fatty acids and its natural anti-oxidizing properties. Packed with nutrients and in its pure state and generously filled into traditional cloth pouch so it is most concentrated when applied to the skin.

Enjoy its benefits soaking in a warm bath, let it become soft in the water and then “tapote” and compress in circular motions over skin from tips of toes to the face and neck as you soak. There is nothing more nurturing than the silky texture and rich benefits penetrating the skin. Gently exfoliates as you apply.

In keeping with the Red Flower Japan Therapeutic Body Treatment and the traditional mineral onsen experience to lift the mind, body and spirit and release inner “ki”.

Bath and shower water should be hot  to help reduce muscle pain. Keep a cool head should stay cool, have a few wash clothes in ice cubes to keep on your forward or over the head, while applying the buff, stretch a little, this will enhance the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Earth Boho bath ala Red Flower, leave the book behind and close your eyes, light an indian jasmine candle, music, “a thousand shomyo voices”, japan hinoki mineral mint bath soak and the cherry blossom rice buff, icy wash clothes and a glass of ice water with mint.

Live life fully, SHOWER FIRST read the article by yael alkalay